Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hot Dogs, Chips, Beer and Heat...oooh fun!

One more day and counting...until Memorial Day weekend that is. I don't have any specific plans but it is a holiday weekend so I am thinking that we should host a bbq. However, as you Arizonans know, it is too darn hot during the day! So, I'm thinking we could have an evening bbq that doesn't begin until after sunset. Not quite the same though, huh...

Thanks to all of you who have made comments on my blog. Laura, it was so nice to hear from you. I am glad that you are doing well. When you have time send me an email with all the meat. Claudine keeps me posted from time to time so I hear some general information but I'd love to hear details about work, home, Andy, etc. I'm so pleased that you are happy with your decision to move back. Last week I drove by your former place and I thought of you.

Tonight we had Thai food at a really good restaurant near us. We have been trying to eat at home more often (and save $) but after having dinner at home several nights in a row, we were ready for a night out. We ordered red curry (my choice...yum!) and pork with ginger. Double yum. The place was mobbed, and ironically (as Casey pointed out) everyone dining was part of a couple...and not a "first date" kind of couple but the kind who have been together for some time and hit the Thai restuarant every Thursday night. It was kind of odd.

Casey just came in and asked if I was "rambling again?" I guess I am. However, I didn't give him my blog address so he can't check what I'm writing. I think that if I do, he'll write sarcastic comments!

More later...


Blogger JLC said...

Dave *loves* to make sarcastic remarks about me blogging... I think his favorite line is "what ever happened to a good old conversation?"

But I like it... darn boys :-)

4:47 PM  

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