Thursday, January 29, 2009

It has only been 14 months...

Yup, it has been 14 month since I last posted anything on the blog. So much has happened since them, specifically Casey and I got married last April. But that is nothing compared to the latest news (that all of you already know)...that I am pregnant and we are expecting a baby in July. The estimated due date is July 17th and I am really hoping for that day because it is the birthday of my dear, dear friend Carol. I lived in Carol's guest house for several years before Casey and I bought our house and Casey and I got married in Carol's backyard. Needless to say, July 17th would be quite special. But, I'm not holding my breath since first babies are notoriously late.

Several friends requesting I start posting baby updates so this is the first one. I will really try to be better about updates than I have been in the past about other less important stuff. Baby O (coined by Casey's bro and sister in law; what they called their babies in-utero) is 16 weeks old and the size of an avocado. O is just developing ears and can no supposedly hear my voice. How cool is that?! I don't feel any movement yet but that should happen in the next several weeks. On February 16th (Granny Bev O'Neill's birthday!) we are going for the next ultrasound. If O cooperates we could find out his/her sex but I think we are going to hold off for right now.

Mom update: I am feeling great and happy to report that the fatigue seems to be subsiding a bit. My regular pants are quite tight; even my big pre-pregnancy jeans have to be worn unbutton! Casey got my a Bella Band for Christmas so I can keep my pants unbutton without them falling down! : 0 Thankfully I am starting to look a bit pregnant and not just like I gained some weight. I'll post some pics soon but for right now I'll just post a pic of the little one. More soon...I promise...


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