Saturday, February 14, 2009

Maternity Clothes

I hate maternity clothes. Most of them are ugly and just don't fit my body quite right. Now, it might have something to do with this in-between thing I am going through but I am not quite sure. A woman I know raved about Old Navy so I checked it out today. I am not a medium nor am I a large; I am Goldilocks and living in "not quite right" land. It is very, very frustrating! Just wanted to let you know.

Happy Valentine's Day! C and I heading out for dinner and a movie. Enjoy your evening!


Blogger JLC said...

i shop at old navy a lot, and it's been kind of the same story while i've been losing weight.

some pants are just "in between"... but a lot of their jeans come in different styles and the same size will fit completely differently. ie, right now my jeans are called "the sweetheart" and they fit fine. but "the flirt" in the exact same size is too big. weird.

not sure if that's any help, but who knows. :)

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