Sunday, June 05, 2005

Here a post, there a post, everywhere a post post.

Not much new to report from this end. Last weekend Casey replaced the posts that support our carport. They were probably the original posts from 1950 and were quite weathered. Casey doesn't "do" painting so my job was to paint the new posts. Not a bad job, but not a fun job either (especially when it is 100+ degrees in the shade!). I decided to use my evening wisely and tackle the painting tonight. It took much longer than I thought it would so I only got one post completely painted. But, I finished the brush work on the remaining 4 so the rolling won't take too long.

While I painted I "jammed" out to the new Dave Matthews album. Several years ago I saw DMB in concert and was really disappointed. However, I really like their albums and the new one is great. There are several songs that are excellent and I can just listen to them over and over again. And, if fact, I do!

More later...


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