Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Birthing Class

As many of you know, from Casey's Facebook page, we have been attending birthing class. Last night was the second of three classes. They are informative. I am not sure we will really use all the information, or that it is all that relevant to our situation, but it is worth knowing I guess. We signed up for these classes before we switched hospitals and the classes were non-refundable so we were stuck. My biggest complaint with the classes is that they go until 9:30 at night! What pregnant woman is out and about until 9:30 on a weeknight? : )

Okay, better run and get dinner started because I am hungry. I'll post more later. It is a new month so I'll ask C to take a new pic and I'll post it. Baby O will be here in 6 (or so) weeks. Eeek!