Thursday, April 06, 2006

What's New Pussycat?

New stuff...

  • Oso bit the mailman yesterday. The screen door wasn't closed completely and Oso slipped out the door before we could realize it. I was out back watering our plants and Casey ran out front as soon as he heard the door slam but it was too late. Casey said the bite wasn't too bad but the mailman said he had to report it to the post office. Right now we are waiting for the Maricopa County Animal Control guy to show up. Oso's shots and registration are up to date so hopefully he will just be quarantined in our house for 10 days. Casey said that by the time he got outside, Oso had already nipped the mailman and was casually sniffing the grass. Sometimes I wonder what is going on in his head..."Gotta get the mailman, gotta get the mailman, got the mail man now gotta sniff the grass..."

  • I just made a really yummy dinner. Earlier today I marinated pork tenderloins (2 in a pack from Costco) in Lowry's terriyaki marinade and tonight I threw them on the grill. I grilled some sliced zucchini, seasoned with olive oil and salt and pepper. And, the highlight of the meal, oven-roasted potatoes. I bought a small bag of red potatoes and a small bag of yellow potatoes (from Trader Joe's) and roasted them in the oven (after cutting each potato in half) with 6 cloves of garlic, 1/4 cup olive oil, salt and pepper. After roasting for about 1 1/2 hours I tossed with fresh (chopped) parsley. The recipe is from my Barfoot Contessa cookbook and absolutely amazing. It is a really easy recipe and tastes amazing. I can't wait to eat leftovers...maybe with some scrambled eggs. Yum!

  • I'm reading a really enjoyable book right now, Eating Heaven. I say that it is enjoyable because, well, it really is. Part of the story is sad (I won't go into detail) but the main character is so likeable. She is a food writer and the way she describes food is so real. I would highly recommend it.

  • Hmm, what else? I've been "working" from home the past few days and it has been really nice. I haven't had much to do but at least I'm not driving up to Sue's house. I suggested to Sue that we forward the gallery phone to my cell phone and that way someone will always answer the gallery phone but no one will be sitting there with nothing to do. It seems like a perfect solution. Well, except when my cell phone ran when I was shopping in Target earlier today...

I hope all is well with you.




Blogger Kate Gardiner said...

when i was in high school our dog bit the mailman and they refused to continue delivering mail to our house for several months. it was crap. hopefully your mail guy won't be a total jerk about it.

so i have been reading "prep". so i think i get what you didn't like about it. i just want to shake the damn girl and tell her to get a life. not everyone is looking at you!!! it kind of drives me nuts and i feel like the book should have been over about 200 pages ago. i still have 150 pages left and i'm not sure what she could possibly obsess about next!! i would stop reading it but at this point i feel like i'm so far in i'll be even more pissed if i don't finish it.

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