Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Fuse Away!

Several weeks ago Casey told me that he was planning a surprise evening for us and that I was to keep the evening of September 20th open. He wouldn't tell me what we were going to do, but told me to dress casual. Well, last night was the 20th and I'm happy to report that we had the best time cooking Asian Fusion food at a demonstration kitchen at a local Viking showroom. The company Casey works for owns the building where the Viking showroom is located and when he was doing some work on the building he met the chef who runs the classes.

We, along with two other couples (Robert and Leah were one...for those of you who know Robert and Leah...they were in on the surprise and kept their lips sealed right up until the very last minute...I think they are better than I at keeping secrets.) made pot stickers with a sauce, spring rolls with two dipping sauces, pork tenderloin with a peanut sauce/rub, spicy noodles and chocolate pie for dessert (not Asian but yummy nonetheless). The food was great (I particularly like the pork with peanut sauce) and it was a lot of fun. Thanks, Casey!


Anonymous kate g said...

hey, i didn't know you had a blog. i was just reading ann's and saw your link. gees, the entry about casey wanting you to save sept. 20 for a special date totally pysched me out. i thought for sure you were going to say you were engaged or something! anywho, glad things are well.

7:33 PM  

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