Friday, April 14, 2006

New Stuff...

Dog Bite Update: Oso bit the mailman on a Wednesday and we got mail the next day but the following two days we didn't so we figured something was up. Casey called the post office and was told that once a dog bites a postal carrier all mail delivery services are suspended. Well, it would have been nice if we had been notified!

The following Monday Casey went down to the post office, wearing his U.S. Postal Service Contractor badge, and talked to the manager. Usually all mail services would be discontinued but the manager very kindly agreed to allow us to get mail if we put in a mailbox at the end of the driveway. Casey agreed and proceeded to order the mailbox. When he got home he saw the mailman and the mailman was extremely nice considering he had three punctures and a huge bruise on his calf! Casey said that the mailman said that he is happy to continue to deliver our mail to the porch but it us Postal policy and he can't. He said that the driveway mailbox will actually make more work for him since he'll have to walk additional steps to get to that mailbox.

All I know is that I am really happy that we'll have mail deliveryagain sometime soon. It is an inconvenience to go to the post office and pick up the mail. Fortunately, my hours are such that I can. Someone with a M-F 9-5 job would be able to pick up his/her mail just once a week.

What else is new?

  • Casey is away this weekend. He and some friends went whitewater kayaking in Kernville, CA. They left Wed and will be back Sun. I hope he is careful. I couldn't help overhear his friend Creed ask if Casey had elbow pads becuase he might need them at such and such creek. Eek! I hope he doesn't come home with any broken bones...just a few scratches and bruises and memories of lots of fun!

  • As I write this a delicious smelling banana cake is baking in our oven. Yum! I'm getting together with some friends tonight and I thought it would be nice to bring a cake. It is extremely easy (almost cheating!); all I had to do was mash bananas, add yellow cake mix, banana pudding, 4 eggs, oil and water. Bake and voila, a delicious cake! This cake smells almost as good as it tastes. I'm not sure I'll be able to wait until this evening to have a bit!

I better run. I hope everyone has a great weekend.


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