Friday, November 04, 2005

Back from the Windy City.

Hi all. I'm back from Chicago and happy to be home. After 10 days of sleeping in a hotel, my bed felt might darn good.

The art show went well. It was a ton of work (unpack, set-up, work the show for 4 days and pack everything up again!), but Casey flew out to help with take-down and that helped. Plus, I extended my ticket by one day so that we could have a day and a half to tool around Chicago. We went to the Chicago Board of Trade and Wrigley Field. The Board of Trade doesn't allow visitors to watch the traders (damn terrorists!) and Wrigley Field was closed. We sort of struck out, I guess. But, we had fun taking the "L" and getting to and from the various places.

And, I got to break out my scarf, which doesn't see much action considering I live in the desert! Today I am back to shorts and lovin' it.