Saturday, April 28, 2007

Knitting Part III

Katie told me that Mary Flo and her mom always make this particular face when having their pictures taken so double chins and the like are minimized so we tried to do our own version in honor of Mary Flo. Note cute Oliver trying to stay upright on Aunt Katie's lap!

Knitting Part II

More instructions.

Knitting Circle.

Katie and her daughter, Bird, were in town a few weeks ago and Leah insisted on teaching them to knit. My cousin, Michelle, was also visiting so she jumped in too. And then Tia stopped by and Leah roped her in too. Katie, being Katie, picked it up immediately. I imagine she had a completed scarf by the time her plane landed in Oakland!

Here I am showing Bird, Katie and Michelle how to cast on.

Status Report

All is well here. I've had a fun-filled week, including a dinner party last night. Casey is out of town so I decided to host a girls only dinner party last night and it was so much fun. And, tonight Mom and Dad came over and we had pizza and just hung out. It was good, but strange, to have Mom and Dad come to my house. When did the roles reverse?

Casey went to a week long kayaking school in Northern CA and had a wonderful time. He called tonight and is heading back this way. They are making a few stops along the way (to kayak, of course) and should be back Monday night. I've missed him but have also enjoyed having some alone time. Although, I must admit, that being home alone isn't the same without my dear buddy Oso Bear.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sad News

I've also been avoiding this post because there is just too much information to share and, well, it is just too sad. Last Monday, April 9th, our sweet pooch Oso died. He appeared to be fine on Sunday but wasn't on Monday. We took him to the emergency vet, where he had his surgery performed 1 1/2 years ago, and they found he had a 12 cm tumor on his liver and it was bleeding. Before we could even decide the next step, he died. I guess that if I had to pick how he would pass, this was the best was quick, presumably pain-free and we were right by his side. I am so thankful that I was right there with him and was able to try to comfort him during his last moments.

We brought him home and buried him in a shady spot underneath an orange tree in our backyard. It was terribly sad and things are still pretty somber around here. The house is much too quiet without him. And, I miss him being underfoot and trying to snatch a bit of my dinner. Our lives will never be the same.

New Blogger??

For the last few months I've avoided updating my Blogger account because I'm lazy and didn't want to bother figuring out how to sign in to the new account but I couldn't put it off any longer. Today Blogger wouldn't even let me sign in unless I updated my account. Oh well, it only took 3 tries. Hopefully I'll remember my new sign in name and password!?!