Thursday, June 23, 2005

Scaredy Dog.

I have been bad about writing lately, and my friend Ann asked when I was going to write again, so I thought I better jot something down.

I was up until 2 am last night because damn Oso (oops, I mean Oso who I love so dearly) is scared of storms and would not stop whining and wimpering next to my side of the bed. One would think that this big, black chow who would bite off the mailman's head if allowed, could handle some lightening and thunder and rain. I was in the shower and I saw him come into the bathroom so I look out the shower doors and he is cowering under the bathroom sink facing the corner. Then, when I sit down on the toilet he comes and sits down right next to me (as close as he could possibly be!)!

In the past, the vet suggested we try giving Oso benedryl so when I saw the storm coming last night, I whipped out the peanut butter and slathered it around 2 benedryl. It didn't do a thing. How is it that I can take 1/2 a benedryl and I am whiped for the entire day, but Oso can take 2 and not feel a thing? The vet wrote a prescription for some other medication so I'll give it a try. And, someone at Petsmart suggested we buy a c.d. of storms and play it when the weather is nice so Oso begins to get desensitized. I think maybe we are going a bit too far, but I'll do almost anything for a good night's sleep. I really, really hope it doesn't storm tonight because I really need to get some zzz's.

On an unrelated note, do any of you have a difficult time reading this type? My sister said that it is so small on her screen that she can barely read it. I'm wondering if it is just her computer or if it is that way on all screens. Thanks for letting me know.

Better run. I'm meeting Jen and Dave for dinner. Ann, we'll miss you.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Here are the old posts. See Casey's saw horses with the new posts waiting to be cut and placed. The new ones look so much better (or will once I finish the painting).  Posted by Hello

Here's Oso at attention. He loves being out in the front yard, and since Casey was doing some work out front, he tied Oso up with a rope. The rope is long enough for Oso to roam the front yard without leaving the yard. One time he choked himself when he saw the mailman across the street! We shouldn't have laughed but it was so funny!  Posted by Hello

Here a post, there a post, everywhere a post post.

Not much new to report from this end. Last weekend Casey replaced the posts that support our carport. They were probably the original posts from 1950 and were quite weathered. Casey doesn't "do" painting so my job was to paint the new posts. Not a bad job, but not a fun job either (especially when it is 100+ degrees in the shade!). I decided to use my evening wisely and tackle the painting tonight. It took much longer than I thought it would so I only got one post completely painted. But, I finished the brush work on the remaining 4 so the rolling won't take too long.

While I painted I "jammed" out to the new Dave Matthews album. Several years ago I saw DMB in concert and was really disappointed. However, I really like their albums and the new one is great. There are several songs that are excellent and I can just listen to them over and over again. And, if fact, I do!

More later...