Thursday, January 19, 2006

This can't be has been months since I've written...there must be more?!?

It has been months since I last wrote so I thought I would catch you up...

1. I didn't get the job at Mesa Contemporary Arts (see earlier posts). I was candidate #2 and candidate #1 accepted the job. I was quite bummed for several days and then it sort of passed. That is, until I learned who got the job and it is a woman I know! I guess I can't be too upset because she is an extremely nice woman and very good at her (current) job. I guess I understand why she was offered the job. But, just between us, I am still a smidge bitter!

2. Christmas was good. Our tree is still up and I'm still enjoying it. Although, every time the mailman comes to our house, Oso jumps up on the sill and knocks off half of the pine needles. It is probably time to take it down but I have an excuse...our bulk trash pick-up isn't until February 4th so I have an excuse to enjoy the nightly glow for a few more weeks.

3. We finally have heat...again! Late last week our heater started making a very painful sound. Each time the heater clicked on, we would hear a very loud sucking noise that was quite painful to my delicate ears! Upon inspection Casey found that the fan was broken and doing something funky (my technical word, not his). He had to order a part and it took 2 days. Normally that wouldn't be too bad but our heater broke during the coldest week we've had this winter. Casey is never ever cold and even he had to wear wool ski socks in the house! He got the new part and spent an entire day trying to put it in. After enlisting the help of his friend Paul they got it in (by candlelight at 6:30 at night [well, by flashlight]!) but our "squirrel screen" was damaged in the process so he had to order a new one. That should be installed this weekend. $400 later we are nice and warm!

3. Part B - FYI - a really good way to get warm when your heat is broken is to warm up your clothes in the dryer. Friday morning I had to get up and go to Sue's house and our house was freezing so I stuck my jeans and socks in the dryer. I was toasty warm after that!

4. Claudine is arranging a summer trip to Tuscany and I cannot wait! She is hoping to find enough friends to rent a house so we can all chip in x amount and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings! We'll be able to daytrip to Rome and might even travel to France. I think this trip will be the motivation I need to get back to the gym. If anyone wants to go just let me know.

That's all for now.