Saturday, November 24, 2007


Our dear friends, Creed & Shaunna, closed on their house two weeks ago yesterday. This is very, very exciting because it is their first house and it is near our house! The weekend before last we helped with house stuff on Sunday, last weekend we prepped and painted Saturday and Sunday and today we actually moved them. We had two trucks, two trailers and a small hatchback so I thought, no problem, we'll make it in one trip (especially since they don't have a ton of stuff). Well, it took 1 1/2 trips (one trailer had to go back a 2nd time) and7 hours! But, it was sooo worth it. We got everything moved and got the entire kitchen set-up. Their living room and family rooms are pretty much set-up and about 1/2 the master bedroom is done. Their house is lovely and I am very, very excited for them. They are such dear friends and I am thrilled to have been part of the process.

But, with that said, I'm going to vege for a bit! : )

Friday, November 16, 2007

It's Official!

Well, it is official...we are getting married. The reason it is official is because last night we hired our officiant. Her name is Irene and she officiated at my friend Craig's wedding. When we met last night we just hit it off and decided to go with her. She gave us a list of ceremonies she has used in the past and told us to feel free to use one of those, do our own thing or combine a bit of everything. She is easy going and laughs a lot, which I like. I think we've made a great choice.

It is interesting because it feels more real to me now. Last night I said to Casey, "We're getting married!" and he said, "Umm, yeah", as if to say, "Duh, we've been getting married since I asked you on August 1st!" I guess it already felt real to him! : )

After Thanksgiving I am going to meet with my friend Ann who has done event/wedding planning because I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. She'll help me get organized and break things down into manageable tasks.

More later...I've had a busy day of working out, cleaning and getting Harley and Scooter groomed (they look even more handsome now) and need to shower to meet my cousin, Hope, for dinner. Have a great night!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Yes, I'm Still Here and Livin' in AZ!

Yes, I'm still here. I know, I know, I don't blog often enough. If you take a look at my previous posts you will see that this is a common theme. I go for months without blogging and, bam, decide to start up again. I have waited so long this time because I waited a bit and so much happened that it just seem overwhelming to write again. I thought it might just be easier to start a brand new blog! But, I'll try to fill you in (although the 3 people who read this blog already know all this information).

  • We have two not-so-new dogs named Harley and Scooter. See above photo of Scooter. I got tired of fussing with the picture which is why it is at the top of the post and not here (where it should be) and why it is horizontal when it should be vertical! They are wonderful dogs and a great addition to our household. No dog will ever be Oso but, as I tell Harley and Scooter all the time, they are 2 of the best 3 dogs ever!
  • We went to San Diego over the summer with Patrick (Casey's bro), Peggy (sister-in-law), Riley and Shea (nieces). It was a blast. I hope it will be an annual trip.
  • We also traveled to The Bay Area for Casey's niece Erin's graduation from Berkeley. It was a wonderful visit with family, as well as Ann & Curt. We got to do some fun tourist-y things we had never done before. I have pics but I bet they will post next to Scooter's photo, not here where they belong!
  • Oh yeah, Casey and I got engaged! Wedding plans are progressing...slowly. I always thought I was one of the bride-y girls and now I've realized that I'm not. I'm really excited to be marrying Casey but I don't really care about the wedding. Is it too late to elope?? I have a ring, which I love and a dress, which I love but I'm not feeling the rest of it. Well, except our engagement photos. I love those!! The photographer is very talented ( Case in point, I never like photos of myself and I actually like these! Visit to see the guest book. He sent additional photos but the best ones are included in the guest book. My sister suggested I hire someone to assist with the planning. I love the idea of having someone say, "Here are two examples of table settings. Which do you want?" Planning everything from the beginning is sort of overwhelming. Oh, the other fun part was registering at Crate & Barrel! My mom and I spent over 2 hours picking out items. I still need to get flatware and dinnerware but I want Casey involved in that, even if he doesn't want to be involved! I think it is important for him to give his two cents since he will be using it every day. I plan to also register at Target and a honeymoon registry website. We really don't need anything but I guess this isn't about need. As I keep telling Casey, either we register for stuff we like or we are going to get three cut crystal nut bowls (right, Ann??).

That's all for now. I'll try to keep you updated on wedding plans and news in general. I better try to at least do the news in general part since I'm not feeling all the wedding details (color scheme, flowers, music, food...eek!).