Monday, May 08, 2006

Wonderful Weekend!

I had a wonderful weekend and thought I would share with all of you. Well, all four of you!

Friday night Casey and I took an amazing partner yoga class at At One Yoga. It was a two hour class. We spent the first 30 minutes doing individual and partner yoga postures. The next hour was spent learning Thai massage - I worked on Casey for 3o minutes and he then worked on me for 30 minutes. It was so relaxing. We spent the next 30 minutes learning facial and cranial massage (15 minues per person) and the last 5 minutes were spent meditating and relaxing. I felt like a big rubberband when I left the studio! Plus, it was a wonderful bonding experience becuase we were encouraged to make loving comments, tell our partner what we were thankful for (in our relationship) and to make lots of eye contact. It might sound a bit touchy-feely but it was really fabulous. I was pleasantly surprised when Casey agreed to go but I was even more surprised, and thankful, when he happily agreed to attend another class next month.

On Saturday morning I was still feeling the wonderful effects of the yoga class. When I ran my legs were extremely loose and didn't hurt the way the usually do. Because I felt so great I was able to run 12 minutes non-stop (minus waiting for the light to change at Central and Glendale), which is a really big deal for me because when I started running I could only run 1.5 minutes at a time. By the time I got home I felt so powerful and healthy! My legs were a bit sore later that day and yesterday but nothing too major.

Saturday night we went out for Chinese food at P.F. Chang's. It is really fun to sit at the bar and watch the scene. We ate quickly because we wanted to make the 7:50 United 93. Now, I must tell you that I didn't want to see this movie. I was horrified when I saw the previews and thought it was going to be sensational and exploit the victims. However, Casey told me that he read a review in the Wall Street Journal, and heard a segment on NPR, and it was supposed to be the complete opposite. And he was right. Many of the "characters" played themselves and no celebrities were cast. It was honest and powerful and, well, painful. I cried during certain parts and cannot imagine the horror of losing a family member on September 11th (or ever). The movie painted a very clear picture of what happened that day and, according to Casey, the storyline was extremely accurate - based on conversations with control tower employees, military people and family members of those on flight 93. I would highly recommend this movie to everyone. To quote Casey, "Every American should be required to see United 93."

Well, that's enough for now. I hope you all had a good weekend!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Talking Craziness!

I know it sounds crazy but I actually bought two, count 'em two, bathing suits today. I haven't bought a bathing suit in years and I seriously cannot remember the last time I bought one I liked (maybe never).

However, I just booked a ticket to FL to visit Claudine, who is visited her parents for the month of May, and I can't really go to FL, and lounge on the beach, without a bathing suit so I pulled myself together and went to Target. I LOVE Target. That is all I have to say (although that is an unnecessary point to make because everyone who reads this blog also loves Target). I had to try on about 20 or 30 bathing suit separates but by the end of my hour I found 2 bathing suits that I could live with. Or, more to the point, live in. I felt a little self conscious and lumpy but I just did a fashion show for Casey and he approved so I feel a bit less self conscious.

For those of you who need a cute, inexpensive suit definitely try Target. Although, if you already know your size and don't need to try anything on, I would highly recommend the website. I just looked at it and they have oodles and oodles of adorable suits. Unfortunately, I'm not comfortable buying a suit without trying it on first since I never know if I am a medium or large or if the seat is going to ride up or how my boobs are going to look. You know, the usual problems!

Oh, and here they are:

Suit #1 has really cute ruffles across the top and one ruffle running across the waistband on the bottom.

Suit #2 has flowers embroidered on the top and bottom. The bottom sits low on the hip and has pink ties on the hips. Oh, and the very best part...I decided to buy it and then realized it was on the clearance rack and each piece was only $3.50! Where, except Target, could I find an adorable, flattering bathing suit for $7?